From 4th to 10th November 2019, NCST partnered with the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) to organize a Science Week themed “Open Science, Leaving No One Behind”.

The Science Week featured multiple activities aimed at raising awareness on the role of Science, and Technology to the community. Among the activities was the “NCST Women in Science Breakfast” which took place on 5th November 2019, that was attended by 120 women and girls mostly scientists and students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

During this event, NCST recognized and awarded exemplary female Rwandan scientists who excelled under three categories:  Research award, Rising Star Award and Science Leadership Award. Alongside the three women awarded, winners of the secondary schools’ girls’ essay competition themed “Tipping the gender balance scale by creating lasting Interest in STEM for the next generation” were also recognized.

In his remarks, the acting Executive Secretary of NCST, reiterated the initiative’s alignment to the Government’s drive to foster STI as a pathway to advancing prospects of a knowledge-based economy, as well as, its commitment to advance women as pivotal pillars to national development. He used his remarks to further excite and encourage budding female scholars and researchers to broaden their horizon especially considering they are the next generation and hold key to Rwanda’s future scientific and technological advancement.

As a nation, Rwanda still faces a shortage of skills and expertise. And amid the significant strides and progress made in advancing women in various national aspects, we are reminded of the prevalent gender gap in science. Women are still relatively under-represented in areas like R&D. For instance, the most recent R&D survey by NCST, shows that female researchers account for less than 30% of the overall total researchers.

The Acting Executive Secretary concluded by encouraging stakeholders present to continue championing initiatives that aim to boost involvement not only of women in particular but also youth in general, who admittedly make up a big proportion of our present and future workforce.


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