The National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) has mandate to manage the National Research and Innovation Fund (NRIF) and monitor all matters regarding research and innovation funding in Rwanda. In order to effectively achieve this particular mandate, and efficiently manage research grant funding, to enhance research data collection, Research and Innovation Grant Management System (RIGMS) has been developed. The system is expected to assist in efficient and effective management of research and innovation grants supported by NRIF program, through provision of an online platform to the eligible researchers to apply for research grants as well as research permits.



The Government of Rwanda is committed to strengthen efficiency and accountability in service delivery in all public institutions. One of the strategic interventions under the National Strategy for Transformation 1 (NST-1) and Vision 2050 is to ensure that 100% of public services are delivered online.

In line with that, NCST developed the RIGMS as a web-based tool to support and promote research and innovation activities in Rwanda. The system manages research and innovation grant processes, and also provides a platform for confidentiality and privacy of data in the system. The system also manages the research permit issuing process. The NCST administration is in contact with Irembo administration and it is anticipated that in the near future, the system will communicate with Irembo platform for electronic payment capabilities and all other forms of online services delivered by NCST.


Key functions

  • Online applications: The system is used to publish all Request for Application (RFA) Research Calls and proposals, with all configurable related features. It also allows applicants to submit their proposals via an online interface.
  • Review process: The system simplifies managing the whole proposals’ review process including: administrative checks, dispatching proposals to different reviewers, getting feedbacks from reviewers, and providing feedbacks to applicants via emails.
  • Grant management: The system assists in the management of funds and fund sources, release of funds and imbursement of funds to successful applicants.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: The system allows to monitor grant expenditure, manage claimed and unclaimed funds, manage beneficiaries’ financial reporting and monitoring and receive progress report from beneficiaries
  • Research permit applications and issuances: The system allows researchers to submit their research permit requests and manages dynamic workflow with different approval levels.


To benefit from the above services, NCST encourages researchers and innovators to register with RIGMS and regularly update their profiles therein. For more information, please register…..


About NCST

Our core mission is to provide strategic advices and recommendations to the Government on all matters relating to policies, legislation and regulation in the fields of science, technology, research and innovation and monitor the implementation of such policies and legislation. It also mandated to mobilise the National Research and Innovation Fund to facilitate Researchers and Innovators

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