Rwanda Innovation Challenge (RIC) Award Recipients 2019


Congratulations to the first cohort composed of 36 Winners of the inaugural Rwanda Innovation Challenge.

No Title of Innovation Project Full name
1 Tutor Inspection System Igihozo Didier
2 Smart Menstrual Cycle Mentor Device Bizumuremyi Jean Claude
3 Automatic Water Billing And Metering System Tuyizere Emmanuel
4 Vehicle Pollution Restricting System Tuyizere Emmanuel
5 Automatic LPG Accident Protection System Niyigena Clement
6 Hyina Express Uwimana Marie Joe
7 Solar Electric Car For Goods Mobility Ndayisaba Wilson
8 Urunigi Intelligent Menstrual Tracker Maniraguha Muhamad
9 Design And Fabrication Of Mechanically Operated Single Wheel Driven Sprayer Pump Kamali Jean De Dieu
10 Improving Food Safety And Aflatoxin Prevention Through Commercialization Of Drycard™, A Low –Cost Device To Test Food Dryness And Prevent Mold Growth On Food Grains Odette Bahati
11 Co-Composting (Solids Wastes And Faecal Sludge) By Using Natural Effective Micro-Organisms. Mukandayisenga Beatrice
12 Smart Egg Incubator Imani Bora
13 Tunga Farm App Imani Bora
14 Climate Adaptive Solar Water Heater Niyodusenga Jean Marie Vianney
15 Intelligence Agriculture And Analytics For Decision Support Christian Murwanashyaka
16 Hi-Tech Generation Window Habimana Noheli
17 Rwanda Cricket Farming Project Alexis Musabirema
18 Chick Sex Control Incubator Nshimiyimana Revocat
19 Design And Development Of An Affordable Waste Water Treatment Technology In Rwanda And Production Of Energy From Sludge [Bio-Gaz] Targeting Schools And Other Public Institutions. Erneste Niyigena
20 Volta Irrigation Alain Fabrice Baraka Uwayo
21 NJB-Electrodanes: Speed Bumps Which Produce Electrical Energy Nsekuye Jean Bosco
22 The Watermark Innovation Niyonkunda Eric
23 Production of Urea Molasses Multi-Nutrient Block ( UMMB) Bavakure Pierre Claver
24 Solar-Powered Self-Traveling Irrigation Machine Jean Claude Twagirimana
25 Potatoes' Seeds Incubator Uwase Marie Aimee
26 Adjustable Multi-Grain Seeding Machine Niyonshuti Israel
27 Manual Seeds Planting Machine Habumugisha Evariste
28 Processing Of Vinegar From Pineapple Peels Jeannette Uwanyirigira
29 Modern Kitchen Garden Manaturikumwe Emmanuel
30 Use Of Cyanobacteria In The Manufacturing Of Cement Like Materials And Fertlizers Clarisse Tumukunde
31 Irrigating Sky Travelling Prayer Kagina Dieudonne
32 Companionapp Iradukunda Jules
33 Farm-Link Justin Murengera Byiringiro
34 Institutional Water Treatment Unit Jean Nepomuscene Mutsinzi
35 Landfill Gas To Energy Facility At The Nduba Landfill Site, Kigali City Nshimiyimana Olivier
36 Magnetic Charcoal As An Adsorbent Of Organic And Inorganic Pollutants For Water Treatment Nsabimana Anaclet

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