Excellent research Grant - NCST awarded Winners

KIGALI, RWANDA – National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) awarded grants to research projects under the “Excellent Research” theme. In a ceremony held at Marriot Hotel, 11 projects in health, agriculture and information communication technology (ICT) applied to health to the tune of around 50 million Rwandan francs each.

The “Excellent Research” call was issued by NCST in a bid to implement the National Research and Innovation Fund (NRIF), the primary vehicle for scientific research and technological innovation public support in Rwanda. The NRIF’s goal is to develop citizen – centric, knowledge – based solutions to societal problems, develop research excellence and foster innovation and technology advancement.

In his speech, the Minister of Education and c0-chair of NCST highlighted that the core enabler for the research-innovation value chain processes is funding. He also took opportunity to thank the government of Rwanda for establishing the national research and innovation fund, the principal vehicle through which the government of Rwanda provides merit-based funds that are aimed at inspiring societal and economic growth in accordance with the national development agenda.

The awarded projects were selected out of 97 applications from public and private universities and research institutions. The successful proposals are from researchers affiliated with the University of Rwanda (UR), Institut d’ Enseignement Supérieur de Ruhengeri (INES), Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKU), National Industrial and Research Development Agency (NIRDA), Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), and Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR).

Remote sensing-based monitoring of water productivity in smallholder horticultural farming system of Rwanda using WAPOR model from Christian University of Rwanda

Assessment of hydro-meteorological hazards and associated risks for the urban and rural population: toward an improved water and land management in Mukungwa and Sebeya catchments from INES Ruhengeri

Phytochemistry and anti-bacterial analyses of medicinal plants in Rwanda from INES Ruhengeri

Assessment of pesticide residues in fresh tomatoes supply chain in Rwanda from INES Ruhengeri

Maternal characteristics, dietary patterns and their association with clinical subtypes of preterm birth in Rwanda from Mount Kenya University - Rwanda

Enhancement of production technologies, quality and competitiveness of Rwandan banana beverage products from National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA)

Breast cancer molecular subtypes and epigenetic predictors in Rwandan population from Rwanda Biomedical Center(RBC)

Health Determinants for major non communicable diseases among people living with HIV in Rwanda : a prospective longitudinal cohort study from Rwanda Biomedical Center(RBC)

Sustainable Health Transformations in Theory and Practice (Transform): Improving the control of WASH related diseases and ill health conditions in Rwanda from University of Rwanda

Prediction and classification of heart failure in Rwanda using hybrid machine learning algorithm from University of Rwanda

Immunity to Hepatitis B Virus (BHV) Infection 17 years after Implementation of Universal Infant HBV Vaccination in Rwanda: Insight into Hepatitis B infection, sero-protection, and anamnestic response from University of Rwanda

Congratulation to the pioneering 11 beneficiaries of Excellent Research Grant

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